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    (1).Advanced Technical Support

    With advanced technical capacity,Hengcan has produced about 2000 components with more than 300 different materials.It has ability to develop 500 new items per year in a short lead time.Our engineers are able to participate in the design of Customer's products,and redeveloping Customer's products independently.Experts in producing parts with complicated structure,Hengcan can produce castings with complicated inner cavity by means of soluble wax and ceramic core,For casting,we can do at tolerance range of ISO 8062 CT4-CT6,Surface roughness at Ra1.6-3.2, Weight range from 1g to 100kgs. min wall thickness is 0.5mm.Mechanical Properties,Chemical composition and nondestructive testing of castings conformed to international standards.

    (2).Outstanding Human Resource

    In Hengcan,We pay more attention on our staff's training,Through these years development, we built a professional team,most of them have more than 10 years experience in casting filed,The technical engineers and management teams set strict requirements on themselves,and the workers are good at summarizing useful experience in their jobs.Besides, Our employees have chances to be sent to training organizations for specialized education every year.This further enhanse our human resource advantage.Of course,In Hengcan,a complete service system is necessary to make sure our staffs live comfortablly,not only the accommodation,but also the entertainment and social insurance. Due to good employment environment,Hengcan people can fully utilize their abilities.

    (3).Strict Inspection for 100% Part

    Hengcan has many excellent inspection equipments which support our strict inspection requirement,Including endoscope,tensile strength machine,roughness tester,metallography microscopy,hardness tester,CMM and so on.These high quality equipments ensures a stable quality of the product from the surface to the internal,Further more,100% parts need to be inspected for 3-4 times before the packing,This help to make sure that our customers will receive the right and qualified parts.Now,Hengcan can do different inspection and provide the relevant report for customers,such as dimension report,heat treatment report(hardness report),material report,X-ray report,magnetic particle test report,3.1 report,mechnical properties test report....

    (4).Steady Quality System 

    As our enterprise culture--"Quality First",In order to improve the management level,strengthen the quality control,Hengcan applied and got the ISO9001:2008 quality management system in 2011;passed the certification of  ISO/TS16949 which for automobile industry products in 2014,Own to the excellent operation of its quality system,Now,the quality system has been steadily set up by implementing quality concepts step by step.In production,we insist on inspection for 100% part before the shipment,Making quality control documents and records everyday. These are good habits which help us to know when and where the question was happened,then solve it. Now,Hengcan are using a computer system for information management within the industry and implement the "6S" management method in order to build a good reputation of " Quality First"


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